Trench Sheets or Trench Shields 

Successful excavation of holes or trenches on site takes good planning based on knowledge and experience, and skilled use of mechanical tools. However, it’s one thing to dig a hole, and another to ensure that the hole remains as it is intended.

Due to external influences such as weather patterns, water tables, soil compounds and so on, the ability for an excavation to maintain its structural integrity without aid is unlikely. Clearly the depth and angle of the walls of a hole or ditch are important factors, also.

The method that the majority of experienced site managers use to maintain the size and integrity of an excavation is by incorporating trench sheets to strengthen the walls; bolstering the strength of a wall by limiting it’s lateral movement.



Trench shoring is vital in the safe running of a work site, enabling workers to carry out tasks within trenches, but without the risk of insecure trench walls.